Basic Silk Painting

Paint a silk paddle fan and learn how to paint silk banners in the process

Students will learn the basics of weather-resistant silk painting without needing to devote the large amount of time needed to paint a full-size silk banner. Students will learn how to transfer a design to a silk paddle fan, how to apply resist, and how to apply color to the silk.

In this class we will use acrylic dimensional fabric paint for our resist and Dye-na-flow paint as the color fill. These materials are often easier to obtain than more traditional silk resists and paints, are easier to fix (heat set) without needing specialized equipment, and may even cost less.

The stated goal of this class is to equip learners with the basic skills and knowledge needed to make their own silk banners (in the broadest sense) or other hand-painted silk items, usually for Heraldic Display.

Topics that will be covered in discussion but not demonstrated include:

  • silk stretching & frames (why and how)
  • types/weights of silk that work
  • materials sources
  • types of resist & paint other than what are being used in class
  • heat setting for color-fastness

There is a materials fee of $3 per fan.

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