What Exactly is WordPress and Just How Scary is it, Anyhow?

Find out what exactly WordPress site administration and editing entails.

Students will be given a virtual tour of the WordPress Admin using an empty/brand new WordPress instance.

Topics covered:

  • Pages vs Posts: What’s the difference and which do you choose for what?
  • How to create and edit Pages and Posts
  • Finding and installing premade Themes
  • Finding and installing Plugins
  • Custom Content Types
  • Configuring Menus and Sidebars
  • What Widgets are and how to use/configure them
  • Hosting options for individuals

Audience: Anyone unfamiliar with WordPress, including current Webministers, those who might like to be Webministers in the future, and those who would like to publish personal SCA research, documentation, journals, class handouts, profiles, etc.

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